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Information relating to the Covid 19 situation

Our rules inside the Riad and recommendations outside

Our rules inside the Riad

  • Hydroalcoholic gel is available for everyone at the entrance to the Riad. Use it as often as possible and especially when you come from outside
  • Masks are available for everyone on request from our manager
  • Wearing a mask is strongly recommended inside the Riad, except in your rooms and on the roof terrace
  • Our manager will take your temperature on your arrival for your stay. She will ask for your PCR test or your vaccination certificate
  • Our staff daily disinfect all areas prone to contamination by touch

Rules outside the Riad: Recommendations from the Moroccan government

  • Moroccan authorities announced on January 28, 2022, the reopening from February 7, 2022 of the airspace to flights to and from Morocco.
  • Maritime links between France and Morocco are still suspended. However, ferries operate exceptionally only in the Morocco-France direction. You should check the website of the French Embassy in Morocco.
  • All land borders are closed. No crossing is possible in either direction. This concerns in particular the border crossing points with Ceuta and Melilla, as well as with Mauritania (Guerguerat).
  • Sanitary measures in force in Morocco:
    • The presentation of a vaccination pass is required to travel between prefectures and provinces, and to access public and private administrations, hotels, restaurants, cafés, shops, sports halls and hammams in the Kingdom.
    • In addition, wearing a mask is compulsory throughout the Kingdom. Everyone is required to comply with the mandatory measures provided for in the context of the state of emergency under pain of penalties provided for in the penal code. We call on you to respect the instructions of the Moroccan authorities.
    • Finally, we advise you to take maximum precautions when you go out of the Riad. Indeed, Moroccans are charming people but generally not very respectful of barrier gestures. Wear a mask everywhere and all the time, keep your distance, take your hydroalcoholic gel pod with you and use it regularly.

To enter Moroccan territory

Passengers bound for Morocco must present a vaccination pass and a negative result of a PCR test less than 48 hours before boarding the plane.

It should be noted that all vaccine passes issued by other countries are accepted provided that they are valid in their country of issue.

Before boarding, passengers must present a health form, duly completed, including the passengers’ address and two telephone numbers allowing them to be located during their stay

Upon arrival at airports, they will be screened by rapid tests. Random PCR tests will also be carried out for several groups of travelers whose results will be communicated later.

48 hours after entering the national territory, some passengers will be required to carry out an additional test at the hotel or at the residence centre

If the tests are positive, other preventive measures will be put in place

Once in Morocco….

We will do everything to make your stay unforgettable …..!